pls show support for pristine edge and other girls this fuck did this to


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It is awful to hear about someone doing that. How weak and insignificant does one have to feel to think that abuse is the best way to make them feel bigger. Abusing any one upsets me, I used to work at the child abuse prevention center because I felt so strongly about it. Only time my temper got let out was when I saw someone doing that. Picked him off the ground by the throat with one hand and held him in the air while I described every punishment he would face if he ever tried anything again and just how I would be sure he spent at least 20 years in the worst prison he could imagine. Guy ran off and never showed his face again after that. So upsetting.


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Someone hurt Pristine Edge? Is she ok? Is she safe?

I love that girl. She's awesome and you'd have to be a real knuckle-dragger to hurt girls like her on any level.

Shame to delete a video with the ever sexxxellent Kassondra Rain... but that guy gave me Neanderthal vibes even back then.