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Hello, Gourmands & Connoisseurs of Forbidden Feast,

Thanks to our dear Administrator, we now have a forum where I can share my artwork, provide news & post updates. I'm excited to announce that this space will now become the main place where I will share news, updates and the occasional exclusive artwork. You can also share your thoughts anything related to artworks, stories & anything related to forbiddenfeast.com.

Be welcome here, discuss amongst yourselves, send in suggestions, feedback, ideas and even customer service issues relating to the site. The usual rules apply, no underage content, politics personal attacks, etc. just be civil.

For the uninitiated, here's a short FAQ:


What is Forbidden Feast?
It is a place for Art, Comics & Stories of Dark Pleasures, Delicious Mysteries & Sensual Epicurean Delights where beauty, divinity and gastronomy combine to the most perfect meal. Think of the wicked delights of Eyes Wide Shut, the delicious artistry of Hannibal & the grim bleakness of True Detective. Then throw in a sprinkling of the dream-like sexuality that is Twin Peaks and the ominous dread of H.P. Lovecraft and the occasional foray into the fantastical such as superheroines, princesses and high fantasy.


What is Tales of the Vanished?
Within the Forbidden Feast website, I'm working on a series of connected anthologies with varying characters set in a single universe. This world is full of mysteries and missing people. There be shadowy and powerful men around the corner practicing their secret taboos on their delectable prey. The story follows the exploits of an ancient cannibalistic society, a hidden organization of powerful men who prey on young women, and the stories of people who try to stop them. Read these ever expanding tales of lavish dinners and tragic beauties, of secret societies that spans millennia as far back as the Age of Minoa, the Cult of Demeter & Persephone, the stuff of nightmares. These are the stories that are served here. These are the Tales of the Vanished and Forbidden Feasts!


How to subscribe to Forbidden Feast & see more exclusive art?
You can subscribe and see monthly updates at $8 a month at the ACOLYTE level or weekly updates at $28 per month level at the DISCIPLE level. (You can visit the link here about what content you may expect at Forbidden Feast at those levels). Here are the ways to subscribe:
  1. Subscribestar - https://subscribestar.adult/clubasterion
  2. Hiccears - https://www.hiccears.com/artist-profile.php?apid=12454
  3. Patreon* - https://www.patreon.com/forbiddenfeast (Note that I won't be able to share the content or links directly via Patreon anymore but instead you will be added to a mailing list where I will send the access codes to active subscribers)
  4. Bitcoin - wallet # 18S47Yb9Z3FJKyqcMn6Y2UzH6VA41gDu7L
How to purchase one-off comics & archives at https://forbiddenfeast.com/category/shop/?
In addition to the monthly updates, I have Archived Collections & Comics at the SHOP. You can purchase the comics at:
  1. Hiccears - https://www.hiccears.com/artist-profile.php?apid=12454 (If you're unable to view the gallery, create an account and change your filter settings)
  2. Subscribestar - https://subscribestar.adult/clubasterion/donate via 1 off donations. (Subscribe at the $1 level first if you're not an existing member and donate the remaining custom amount and PM me your requested collection)

Where else can you find me on social media?
Although I will be more active here, you may still find me at these platforms:
  1. Pixiv - https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/2279715 (most active here since it has one of my largest social media following)
  2. Twitter @forbiddenfeast
  3. Instagram @gynophagia (currently dormant but I may start being more active there as time permits)
  4. Tumblr @forbiddenfeast (currently dormant but I may start being more active there as time permits)
  5. Deviantart @clubasterion (2nd account since my main account was suspended, currently dormant but I may start being more active there as time permits)
So stay, feel welcome. To the new guests, enjoy the occasional free stories and to my paid subscribers who get to see bonus content at the site. I say thank you, for whom without you, this work would not be possible!

Bon appétit!
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