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Real talk. I'm not into it either. And I have shot for taboo sites! As a performer. And yeah..whatvs. I am not gonna yuck someone's yum, but I do not like incsest at all and that is why I do not produce as much incest cannibal as I could even though I know it would sell more. It is hard for me to make lol...but I should . I like to keep things well rounded.
That’s nuts it would sell better if it included that. It’s just so arbitrary and bizarre to me that guys won’t spend on femcann content, for example, as you’ve found, despite femdom and the like being a major selling genre, but they will spend on fantasies of fucking their mothers & sisters & daughters. Is this interest really that widespread? It totally boggles my mind.

Still, fine, it’s no big deal, porn is fantasy. As long as all is safe & consensual, enjoy what rocks your jock. That’s all well & good. But it’s about how it’s now EVERYwhere that I feel the need to bitch a little bit. Is no one else phased by this at all?

I mean, take the cann fetish. You all probably love it as much as I. I absolutely live by it, it’s been a primary mover of my libido and fantasy life since my earliest days. The fantasy colors every aspect of my sexuality, and I am aroused by the related content made today in a way no other erotic material can match. All that being said, if cann porn started being the 1st or 2nd suggested video on basically every porn site, I’d be sort of all “what the fuck’s that about?” If people objected to how much it’s put in front of them without their seeking it out, they’d have a valid point.
I don't like incest but I do like longpigs being cooked by family without any sex involved. A big part of this fetish for me is someone being reduced from the status of human to just meat and even their family seeing them that way is the ultimate version of it.
but with fake tits

Dee lives out here i should work with her
She just posted this pic talking about how clean a shave her body got from a new face cleaner, so she's practically prepping herself as a clean-cut bird, freshly plucked, ready for an oven, or spit, or anything ?
New Feature Up!

Raven Vice is an influencer live streaming as she explores an abandoned mine. Raven likes to act hard in front of her audience. She is known for pulling crazy shenanigans online and fearing nothing. This time, however, Raven is about to get more content than she bargained for as she ventures into the world of urban exploration. She is about to meet some unsavory creatures who have made this mine their home. Funnybone, Justanice Cock and Agatha Delicious play a tribe of freaky, ravenous mutants who are very happy to meet tasty, young Raven.

Fuck, what an ass... Id love to bite and suck it hard. :p

Plus there is something I like about her... Her voice, her glare, her expressionism. There is a kind of warm personnality, in the way she acts. I love her pair of beautiful, profound eyes Anyways, personnal opinion.
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I have 2 questions :

I have to say that I really love the movies at Delish Media, and this one seems lovely too, but how would you feel about making other "big" movies like The Garden ? Believe me, Im not trying to devaluate your effort in the movies, I just thought this one seemed pecularly "big" in comparison with several others.

Do you still have contact with Alexis Blaze ? I miss her chubbs and ass lol. Im just curious.
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Sadly, Alexis is no longer in this state and I think she left porn

Thanks! Well, I used most of my ppi loan to make Garden so sadly will never really be able to again. Unless daddy warbucks comes along. I love doing real films...they are just so expensive